There is absolutely no doubt video will be HUGE in 2016. The market has spoken during 2015’s holiday shopping season with incredible results, video won the most eyeballs.

Whether you are an owner of a law firm, a dentist, or a restaurant owner, you must be ready to adapt and conquer the market. Local rankings are changing daily. Having fresh video content will dramatically increase your reach. My goal is to help you lead the trends. Forget about paying for print or billboard advertising, video will return your investment faster and longer than any form of media today. You own all the videos we make, this flexibility gives you more deployment capabilities than anything else.


Here are 3 reasons why video will dominate in 2016:


  1. YouTube is the 3rd most visited website on the Internet

Only behind it’s owner Google and Facebook, YouTube is visited more times a day than ANY other website. Period. More and more local businesses are flushing money into YouTube ads and videos, hoping to get a competitive edge on their competition. Everyone is finally seeing the power of video and how it can lead to more sales and capital for their business.

YouTube is also the second largest search engine on the planet, consumers are beginning to shift their search to YouTube and watch a video instead of reading articles about a specific product or service.

Your custom video marketing campaigns will be visible to consumers using Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Chrome Stick, and even gaming consoles! You must have a visible presence on YouTube with beautifully crafted video content.

  1. Over 56% of retail purchases were made on mobile in 2015

How do I get a consumer to make a purchase? It starts by catching and maintaining their attention for long enough to create a lasting image. Once you have your brand in front of them, the most effective way of capturing the audience and having them make a purchase is with video.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all automatically play video on a users feed. This is where your brands reputation is expected to shine! Showcase happy testimonials or a new service you’re proud of.

Earthwalker Media has had tremendous success with story-style videos about the business, people love stories! Let us craft your story today.

  1. Video Ranks Faster

Sure, Adwords and other Pay-Per-Click networks allow for instant gratification, but what is your long term customer acquisition plan? Testimonial videos rank for your business, even faster than standard blog posts or text pages.

Along with 400 or 500 written words in the video description, your video can outrank most competitor’s pages! Carefully crafting your message with video is important, but so is dominating the local search results organically!

Shift your investment to video and experience the ROI your business demands!