So your business wants a video. You see other businesses putting out content and you think that it’s your time.

So you get someone to shoot your video and now you have anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of footage, maybe even more. (This is just an example)

Okay, now what?

Working with local businesses and video for the better part of two years, I always seem to be asked the same question.

How long should my video be?

Well that depends. What is the purpose of the video?

Is it a general video that explains what your company is and is focused on brand awareness?

Is it a product video that is actually selling something?

Is it a video explanation of a service that you offer?

Regardless of what the topic is, each video length will probably be different and the length of the video consists on how quickly you can tell your story without leaving out any extremely vital elements.

Your audience clicks play on your video for a specific reason. There is some kind of value that they are looking to achieve out of your content.

However you can get to that value the quickest, without sacrificing the storytelling of the video, will always be the most effective.

Always remember that time is the most valuable variable in life. Period.

If you take someones time away from them by putting out a lengthy video that beats around the bush the entire time and fails to get to the point, your audience will not respond well. They will be left with resentment that they even wasted their time to watch your video.

So cut out all the information that your audience doesn’t need, trim the fat, and post that video.

Another important element is how interesting your subject matter is within the video.

If you are selling toilet paper. you need to make sure that you get to the point as quick as possible (sorry Charmin). Let’s face it, toilet paper isn’t exactly the most exciting product. But, if that is what you are selling, there are always ways to make it interesting.

If you are selling a brand new car on the other hand, you might need to make the video a little longer to be able to fit everything in that you need to. All the new features, what makes it unique, etc. Placing in all the reasons why your car is better than anyone else’s car is much more complex than selling soft, plush, butt-wiping material. (Diaper wipes are better anyways.)

So how long should your video be?

All videos will be different lengths. Choose the length that best fits the purpose of your video. Shorter is always better, but don’t leave out something important by doing so. BOOM!